This is your laboratory to transform, connect, and expand.


What makes The Lab different than any other online destination, isn't just the stellar content and expert guides, but it's how we create a personalized experience for each person. From our independent @Home Yoga School to our signature courses, you always have a connection to the guide. You get to learn comfortably in your home, at your pace, with a resource for life. You can stop, rewind, review, and retain all the great teachings, and interact, seeing eye-to-eye and growing heart-to-heart with other people.

We give you a continuing education that keeps you feeling inspired and ready to help others and yourself. Whether you are currently a yoga teacher, plan to take a teacher training, or you are a simply in love with being a life-long student of yoga, then The Yoga Teacher's Lab is your place to be. This is your online and interactive playground to stay inspired, learn, and grow wherever you are. Plus, it's accessible, affordable, and convenient. 




In just 10 days, you learn simple and profoundly powerful tools to change your relationship with stress and upgrade your life: from work and relationships, to health and happiness. These three simple things are the synthesis of my 25 years of practice, study, and teaching, blending ancient wisdom and modern science. The secrets are knowing how to breathe, the power of meditation, and the reset from good sleep. But sadly, most people breathe in a way that creates more stress, meditates in a way that produces more stress, and sleep too poorly to naturally repair the body's stress each night.


The Yoga Teacher’s Lab is non-dogmatic and does not prescribe to any specific styles or systems of yoga. The instruction you receive far exceeds most trainings. The comprehensive knowledge on the body, poses, history of yoga, philosophy, meditation, breath, and more sets a foundation to develop your teaching style and voice or to apply these skills to any style or system of yoga. The physical asanas are taught with a wide variety of instructions that addresses many physical ranges.It reveals many aspects of yoga so you can find the thing you're most passionate about. It teaches yoga's history and focuses on relevant ways to apply body movement and yoga's philosophies within today's world.


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