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We are Co-Learning

We are a group of people who had no plan to teach yoga, but yoga planned it for us. We are yogis, teachers, artists, musicians, photographers, athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, but mostly, seekers. We bring decades of individual experiences as yoga teachers, artists, and business leaders to you in an affordable, smart, playful, and engaging platform so you can have always learn more yoga.



I started yoga in 1995 when I was 18, at a time when yoga was not popular, especially for eighteen-year-old boys. After finishing my first shavasana, and my puddle of sweat finally absorbed, I felt like I had just found home. Yoga was the first thing that made sense in my life. I wasted no time. I got my first book on yoga and memorized every pose, their Sanskrit names, and even their meanings. I took my first teacher training and started teaching at 19. I went on to mentor with some of the most preeminent American yoga pioneers and Indian teachers, as well as, studying SouthAsian religions and Sanskrit at the University of Rochester. I began teaching International workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings in 2000.

Teaching yoga has been my only “job” as an adult. My entire adult life has been shaped by yoga: the practice, the community, the conversations, and the business. I have owned and created yoga studios, a yoga magazine, a yoga video production company, and an online corporate wellness program. Through these two plus decades, I have never stopped learning. I consider everything, my successes to my failures as my greatest teachers. My family, wife, and kids teach me about yoga as the relationship with the world. I am beyond grateful for my journey and the people.

Teaching teachers has always been my gift. I consider it my calling to share and give anything I have learned, and together innovate on what yoga will be. I have trained 1000’s of teachers all over the world who have gone on to have successful lives as yoga teachers, studio owners, retreat and workshop presenters, and teacher trainers.



Tracy Bleier has been a local teacher and community leader/builder for the past twenty years. She has had many classrooms, from inside a traditional high school where she taught English Literature and writing to inside a yoga room where she taught people of all demographics the value that a yoga practice can bring to their lives. She has owned studios for decades, taught trainings and workshops and has spent most of her life as a voracious learner. She believes that our lives give us precious opportunities to learn about ourselves and she uses observations about her own life, refined from her years of practice, to tap into universal truths that feed the conversations she infuses into her classes.

Tracy teaches a range of yoga experiences, including the physical practices of Hatha Vinyasa yoga and functional movement and the contemplative practices of meditation and writing courses online. Tracy is happily married and is a proud mama to three boys, a dog and a cat. Visit

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