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A Soul Journey is a six-week path to build greater connection, faith, and confidence in your inner life — it is an invitation to deepen your unique, personal spiritual practice within a supportive community of fellow seekers.

This course is focused on bringing more meaningful, soul-nourishing rituals to your life through storytelling and myth, meditation, songs and chants, poetry, readings, writing, and community. Every week you'll receive simple, short inspirations that leave plenty of open, fertile space for your imagination, intuition, and inner wisdom to thrive. 


Personal Freedom Retreat Image Homepage.png

This is your opportunity to invest in your Self. Whether you are looking to have a breakthrough, move stagnate energy out of your life, connect to your spirit, or are ready to make the unconscious conscious, then this is for you.


In this safe and inviting environment, you will share in a deeply human experience of connection through sacred ceremony, ritual, meditation, breath-work, and integration practices. Transform your life into meaningful and long-lasting spiritual and personal growth.

Space is limited to a small group. If you are interested please

Inaugural Retreat
January 21-23, 2022.

Psychedelic Coaching Image.png

Psychedelic medicines can shift neural patterns, putting you in touch with your most profound sense of self.

Whether you want to relieve anxiety, climb out of depression, or discover a new well-spring of motivation and creativity, macro or micro-dosing psychedelics is one of the most versatile, safe, and powerful tools we have.

And now, in the post-pandemic world of isolation, disconnection, and excessive anxiety, we need these tools of empowerment more than ever.

One-on-One support is incredibly valuable for psychedelic preparation and integration.


This is your laboratory to transform, connect, and expand.

What makes The Lab different than any other yoga destination, is not just the incredible content and

expert guides, but it's our dedication as life-long learners and seekers. For us, yoga is life and life is yoga, and there is so much to explore and uncover within life. For us, yoga is so much more than yoga poses. We believe yoga is expansive and inclusive, and there are so many ways yoga can experience and participate in yoga. Each person has a genius inside them that already knows. Yoga simply helps reveal what is already in you. 


In The Lab, we explore consciousness and your soul, and offer ways to learn more about yourself, integrate practices to transform yourself, and, if you desire, become a guide to serve others. The Lab offers programs for yoga teachers, aspiring yoga teachers, and newer to experienced yogis.

The Yoga Teacher's Lab is your place to be from our different courses, trainings, coaching, and retreats. This is your online and interactive playground to stay inspired, learn, and grow wherever you are.

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