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Learn to Live Stress FREE.

Regain Your Health,

Energy, &



In just 10 days, you learn simple and profoundly powerful tools to change your relationship with stress and upgrade your life: from work and relationships, to health and happiness. These three simple things are the synthesis of my 25 years of practice, study, and teaching, blending ancient wisdom and modern science. The secrets are knowing how to breathe, the power of meditation, and the reset from good sleep. But sadly, most people breathe in a way that creates more stress, meditates in a way that produces more stress, and sleep too poorly to naturally repair the body's stress each night.


How is it that breathing, meditation, and even, sleep create or do not alleviate stress? Because depending how you do them, you may be sending signals into your body, informing your nervous system that there is something wrong. And if you go to sleep in today's environment, you are most likely lacking the necessary chemicals to repair the body. But all this is easily reversible and anyone can do it. There is no fancy or expensive equipment needed. No physical requirements. In fact, once you learn it, it becomes so natural that there's no effort.

Stress Triangle.jpg

What is the effect of being stuck "stressed out"?

  • Reports today say that stress is the top cause of workplace sickness, costing businesses an annual estimate of $500 billion.

  • Some are saying that stress is this Century's "bubonic plague." 

  • Harvard research says that 80-90% of all doctor visits are due to stress.

We encounter more stress in one day today, then our grandparents (or great grandparents) did in a lifetime! But it's not stress that kills you, it is how you respond, or regulate the stress. In fact, stress is something you can't live without and helps you grow. But without the skills in today's world to REGULATE stress, you end up being STUCK in a stress circuit that never turns off. 


What does CHRONIC STRESS do to you?

Simply, it informs your nervous system that there is something wrong. This creates a fight or flight response, and eventually feelings of panic, anxiety, or withdrawal. But on the inside, stress creates inflammation and free radicals, because the body starts attacking itself, which is what we call auto-immune diseases. These diseases are due to stress! The sad thing is most of the time there is no danger or risk present that would activate your nervous system to produce stress. Rather, it is because your nervous system is stuck in a feedback loop responding to past experiences, the environment, food, or your technology. Every time your phone chimes, it can send a signal into your body that registers panic — there's something wrong, even if there isn't.


Your nervous system is designed to keep you alive by detecting if you are in danger. Today's environment is not the jungle, you are no longer being chased by the lion, but instead you are being chased by your fears, insecurities, and worries. Unlike the moment when you escape the lion to safety and your nervous system regulates back to a relaxed state (no longer producing the stress chemicals), today, your nervous system is stuck even though you are not in danger. This hyper-activated sympathetic nervous system operates as a positive feedback loop with negative consequences. If you think of your nervous system's regulatory function like your common household furnace, then when you set the thermostat to your desired temperature (let's say 70 degrees), the furnace will turn on when the temperature falls below 68 and kick off when it raises to 72. If it didn't turn on and shut off, then furnace would always be on  and the house would get unbearably hot! A furnace that is broken and does not shut off is stuck in a positive feedback loop producing negative consequences.  For most people today, this is how the nervous system is regulating, or rather it is not. It's just like a broken thermostat! You have a stressful situation and your fight/flight mechanism kicks in, but once the situation is over, your nervous system doesn't turn off from its fight/flight response. It keeps stressing. When you stress doesn't stop it becomes chronic. Chronic stress creates a "depressive state," which produces anxiety, hopelessness, and withdrawal, and then you bounce back and forth between your fight/flight and withdrawn systems, never regulating your nervous system back to its stress-free zone.

What is Your Cost Per Year?

Sleep, $2,400 + Alcohol, $7,800 + Medical, $1400 + Drugs, $1300 + Therapy, $4,680

= $17,580 per year

What Stress Costs You

Stress is responsible for speeding up how you age, slowing down the way you think, remember, and recover. It is making you sick, gain weight, moody, and is diminishing your . In other words, STRESS is making you older than you feel, dumber than you are, and sicker than you're supposed to be. Stress is costing you in medical bills, therapists, and prescription drugs. In recreational substances: alcohol cigarettes, marijuana and other drugs. It is costing you time at work, lost wages. It is costing you in relationships and a feeling of self worth.

sleeping pills.jpg

Lack of sleep costs the average U.S. worker 11.3 days each year, or $2,280 in lost productivity.h e average cost of treating insomnia ranges from about $200 a year for generic sleeping pills.

If you have three drinks a day, five days a week, at an average of $10 a pop, you're spending about $150 a week, $650 a month or $7,800 a year just on alcohol.

Stress results in “accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, and direct medical, legal, and insurance costs” that cost the United States $300 billion every year.

Americans waste $276 billion every year drinking, smoking, and taking illegal drugs. Smokers make up around 52% of the legal drugs total. Pain relievers, tranquilizers, and stimulants – make up almost 22% of the total cost. Illegal drugs – marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and meth – account for nearly 28% of the total. 

The Natinal Average cost of a therapist is $90/session. Once per week for 1 year = $4,680 annually.

This revolutionary course is designed for anyone of any skill level or familiarity with breathing exercises or meditation. And since every one sleeps, breathes, and daydreams, then anyone can successfully practice all the exercises. The course is created with busy people in mind who need to get the most out of their performance and time. One of the greatest things about this course is the return on investment you get. How many things do you do that gives you back more time as a result? Really it's not time you get back, but it's energy. And that energy allows you to be more productive, healthier, and happier. You do a little and get a lot!

Over the course of 10 days, you receive a daily email introducing the day's content. Each day there are short videos broken into educational talks and instructional videos guiding you through the exercises. This way you can skip the educational videos as you wish and only view the videos guiding the exercises. In addition to videos, you have access to downloadable audio files and transcripts.

Days 1-3 teach you about your breath, include breathing exercises and some techniques to bring your nervous system immediately out of a stressed place and into a non-stressed zone.

Days 4-8 teach you about meditation and guide you into the teeny, tiny micro skills of meditation. These skills start you on a meditation path that will feel natural, effortless, and instinctive. Over time the skills become a pattern in your nerves that helps you adapt and improvise along with your ever-changing experience. Just as you don’t know how you walk, you just move, so too with these skills.

Days 9-10 share tips to boost the quality of your sleep and maximize the repair and growth that your body is meant to go through when you sleep.

Why pay $17,000+ every year,
When you can pay $99 once!



  • 30 videos and audio files that includes:

    • 14 meditations

    • Multiple breathing techniques

    • Tutorials to improve your sleep

  • Unlimited access to the content - it never goes away

  • Daily email's with that day's content, and of course, encouragemen

​ALL THIS FOR $99! (or 3 monthly payments of $33)


I created a mini-course that gives you a small experience of what the full course is:

You get:

  • An introduction to breathing and a breathing exercise

  • 2 meditations with an introduction to what is meditation

  • 1 sleep tip to help improve your sleep quality

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