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Welcome to a truly Unique, Comprehensive, and Life-Changing training.


This independent @home training fits perfectly into your life. The content is by far some of the most comprehensive and valuable teachings on yoga. And you get so much in perfect, precise videos or audios that you can pause, rewind, replay as many times as you want. You can't do that in an in-person training. In fact, you get more content delivered in less time efficient because every video is packed with what is necessary. There's no wasted time trying to gather 30 people from a break, or having to repeat something over and over so everyone can see or hear it, or understand it. Each video gets to the point and gives you more points about poses and the body, meditation, breathing, philosophy, stories, teaching skills, and more.

But it’s not just the content and the ability to navigate it at your own pace, but it’s the one-on-one calls you get with me to answer your questions, direct the studies to be more personalized to your interests, or to hone your teaching skills that are relevant to you. But also in these calls, we look at your poses using the pictures or videos you send in. This way you get individual feedback about your poses, but more, you learn to see how different bodies move, what that means, and how to apply options to help your future students.These calls, also, are your time to find and develop your voice. You will have chances to lead me in meditations, dharma talks, poems, and readings, gaining teaching experience and confidence.

We move through the program together. Every week you receive emails with a suggested syllabi, assignments, or just some inspiration. We are always in contact, as much as you like. But I understand life happens and there are times you are unable to keep up with the course. This is why you get 12 months to complete all the lessons, one-on-one calls, and submit your final to receive your certificate. And after 12 months, the content is still yours! 

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Because this is online, we get to be more efficient with our lessons and they're more effective for you. You get more in even less time, and you get to return to it as much as you like to truly know and understand the materials. We don't have to spend time repeating the same thing, as it is often the case with in-person trainings in order to get it. We can use time more effectively and for you that means more content, better understanding of the content, and more confidence to teach and empower yourself as a yogi.

I am with you every step of the way to help you become the best yoga teacher!

Let’s talk about the PROS of doing a Yoga Teaching Training ONLINE.

No Travel. No Parking. No Jet Lag.

Less Time Away from Family.

That’s a huge cost saving in hassle, commute, flights, hotels, childcare, or time. The technology now exists to make an in- depth, highly interactive training possible. It’s empowering and amazing.

Pause & Rewind & Review

I don’t know about you, but I need to hear something multiple times before I truly understand it and feel comfortable teaching it. With online, you can literally pause, rewind, and review. The content gets to sink in at your pace and at your preference to contemplate. Students tell me they love being able to re-watch videos, especially denser ones like all the poses, anatomy, mythic stories, or Sanskrit. Jot down your questions so we can address them together on our live calls. I made sure these calls are always accessible to you too – recorded for your flexible viewing. 

Resource for Life

I’d do anything to re-take or re-listen to all the incredible lectures from my teachers so many years ago. Instead, I reconstruct from my memory and notes as best as I can, but with this ONLINE training, you have these resources for your reference always. Re-watching and learning new things every time you return to the dozens (and dozens) of audios and videos. Once you graduate, you keep access to all this material. It’s here for you, indefinitely.


My goal is for you to graduate. That’s why I run the training LIVE so you move through the experience with the rest of your class. If life throws you a curveball, you retain access to all the material – and you still have up to 12 months to complete the graduation requirements.

More Personal Feedback

Because our training is online, I’m able to give YOU personalized feedback on dozens of postures that you send to me as photos and videos. And you have the opportunity to see many more bodies with my commentary in all of yoga’s key poses. Students tell me this is by far the most valuable resource when they go out and teach in the studio world. Our program is SO MUCH more comprehensive than looking at one or two bodies in-person. Looking at one or two bodies in person doesn’t prepare you for the vast diversity of students you’ll encounter in your classes. In this training, you’ll learn to read bodies and see how I see and the kind of inquiry and suggestions that I make to you (or the student). We can take our time doing this because no one is having to hold a pose (and not move) for 5 minutes while we all look and learn. Pictures and videos give us the opportunity to pause, go back, and make sure you understand what is being seen and offered. This interactive online format allows us to view photos and freeze-frame videos – and TRULY LOOK at different types of bodies and different levels of students, side-by-side.


Hanna H.,
Assistant Director & Yoga Teacher

I definitely had reservations about doing an online teacher training, but it has been a very valuable experience!! Now that I have done both in person, and online, I can say online has some wonderful benefits. I have watched and re-watched the videos many times so I could take my time and really grock the content. Especially the more in-depth scientific information that Mitchel has to offer. I have felt supported and a strong sense of community the whole way through. You also receive more personal feedback on the videos and pictures you send in every week, which I have really enjoyed!"


Alicia S.,
Founder Full Moon Yoga

What Mitchel does is next level and truly on the cutting-edge of
yoga’s continuing education.


Sarah Z.,

Co-owner 409 Fitness
& Yoga Studio

The time requirements fit, the online platform he built has been amazing. I’ve learned so much, and not only been able to share my knowledge, but it’s helped me personally in my practice and life. I love that I can go back and reference the information because it’s set up so effectively. If you are looking to expand your knowledge, deepen yourself, and grow; this is the place.

But it's not just the interactive feature of this online training that sets it apart,
it's also the quality of instruction over such a vastness of topics.

It's important for me that you experience as much of yoga, not just the asanas (poses), during the training, and gain a thorough understanding of yoga so you feel confident to teach intelligently and authentically. I encourage self-exploration through the spirituality, creativity, and science by playfully fusing yoga's practices of meditation, pranayama, mantra and chanting, poetry, mythology, story-telling, history, philosophy, and, of course, the body. The curriculum is balanced between practices for your personal development and life-long experience as a yogi, and the skills to communicate and teach effective yoga classes with instant feedback. You get an incredible education with first hand experience of yoga that will fill your soul and give you a solid foundation to grow confidently.

Here are topics we cover:


So many yoga teacher training programs are limited in how deep they can go, whether that is because of scheduling and time restraints, or because of content. Many trainings either teach a recipe or stick to a curriculum that is very general in yoga's history and philosophy, the understanding of meditation, breathing, and the body. So many teacher training programs omit so much of the rich, vastness of yoga, and what is covered is more like a sampling than something in-depth that leaves you confident to teach.


But THIS TRAINING is not that. It is in-depth and thorough. The Yoga Teacher’s Lab is non-dogmatic and does not prescribe to any specific styles or systems of yoga. The instruction you receive far exceeds most trainings. The comprehensive knowledge on the body, poses, history of yoga, philosophy, meditation, breath, and more sets a foundation to develop your teaching style and voice or to apply these skills to any style or system of yoga. The physical asanas are taught with a wide variety of instructions that addresses many physical ranges.It reveals many aspects of yoga so you can find the thing you're most passionate about. It teaches yoga's history and focuses on relevant ways to apply body movement and yoga's philosophies within today's world.

This training provides you the skills to constantly grow with yoga and confidently teach yoga to others. There are very few trainings that exist with this much precision and understanding into yoga's encyclopedic world. What you receive is truly one of the most accessible and effective eduction on yoga as both a tradition and a modern way of living to fit into your life.

Another amazing aspect of THIS TRAINING is ...

The focus and training on meditation is very different. I can't tell you how many times Ive heard people say that they "can't meditate" or they're "bad at meditating." The truth is, I used to feel like that too. I couldn't sit still or empty my mind, and while meditating all I wanted to do was something else. So, I stopped meditating and focused on asana instead. Thankfully, I met Lorin Roche, PhD (in meditation) and he helped me see that I was meditating all wrong for me.

The approach to meditation I teach you is based on the 40+ years of Lorin's revolutionary findings on meditation. Almost all meditation techniques taught come from a monastic tradition primarily made up of men. Those techniques work wonderfully if that is your chosen life, but most people practicing and teaching yoga are not monks, nor are they men! This approach takes a very expansive way to meditate and teach meditation. This is what you learn in this training — The Beautiful Skills of Meditation, meditation as intimacy with ALL of life.

And meditating is a healing, therapeutic practice, just like asana practice. Current studies say that over 90% of hospital visits are stress related, and doctors are urged to prescribe meditation and yoga for back pain over pain medicine. This means knowing how to meditate and teach meditation is important to reduce stress — the number one culprit affecting people's health. Meditation and the word medicine come from the same Latin root. Learning to meditate and to instruct meditation in a way that feels natural and effortless is necessary for your health and should be an integrated part of yoga, not something other than yoga, i.e. "I just did my yoga and now I'm going to meditate." Meditation is an enormous part of yoga, in fact, it's probably a large piece than the asanas are.


Check out this video to see how meditation is a healing practice:

And Because I am SO Passionate about Seeing you Succeed and Thrive...

I also give you tips and skills to get your yoga business up and running, whether that's in guiding public classes, events, retreats, even trainings, or taking it online (like this). I have been organizing and promoting yoga workshops, retreats, and trainings for 20 years, plus I've owned and run yoga studios. In addition to all that, I started a yoga magazine, a video production company producing yoga videos, and an online corporate employee wellness site. All of these businesses has given me skills to create websites, edit pictures, layout brochures, and record audio and video content. These kinds of skills costs a lot of money to pay someone to do, but in this training, you will gain basic skills to get you started and capable to produce your own work, whether that is to post on social media or print a flyer for your upcoming retreat! This kind of skill set would be nearly impossible to offer in an in-person training.


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Andi C.,—

Co-owner Fitness 409 

& Yoga Studio


"This online training with Mitchel Bleier at The Lab has been such an experiential and powerful experience. The convenience of doing the work on my own time but having Mitchel as a mentor has worked really well for me as an independent learner.
Mitchel makes the content accessible by offering both video and audio options of lessons combined with reading assignments and then coaching sessions to help us integrate and assimilate the material.
The learning management platform is very user friendly and direct. Which is something I appreciate as an educator and teacher.
If you’re considering a
Yoga Teacher Training, I highly recommend this one. It’s fun, informative and very low-stress.💛💛💛"


  1. When does the next course start and finish?

    It begins whenever you like and you have 12 months to complete it.


  2. How long does the training take to complete? When will I be certified to teach?

    If you move through this program as suggested, you’ll graduate in 8-16 weeks. After you pass your final exam and teaching practicum, you’ll be certified. But you have 12 months so you can work at your pace.

  3. What is the time commitment?

    This training offers you flexibility. You have up to 12 months to graduate if you’re pursuing certification. I encourage students to move through the training based on my suggested syllabi over a 16-week period. This ensures you get the most out of all the program has to offer. If you’re looking to earn your certification in 16 weeks, we suggest budgeting 6-10 hours a week toward studying, homework, watching videos and attending live calls. A typical week might include: 2-4 hours of video or audio lecture content assigned Two, 90-minute live calls (attendance required at ONE of the two) 30-60 minutes of reading/homework

  4. Can I teach with this certification?

    Of course! You can teach privates, in studios, at corporations, lead retreats, and more. In fact, many graduates have gone on to open their own yoga studios and now run their own teacher training programs!

  5. Is this YTT Yoga Alliance approved?

    Yes. Due to COVID, YA has allowed online trainings to be YA approved. This training is currently approved by Yoga Alliance as an online training.



  • Full Payment — $1995


  • 6-Month Payment Plan — $333/month 



    $1500 (6 month payment plan $250/month)
    *If you have graduated a 200 Hour Yoga Training, then you qualify for this training at a discount. You have to email a copy of your certificate as proof.


"Training with Mitchel was a wonderful and rich learning experience. As a life long student of yoga himself, Mitchel was able to bring a sense of integrity, authenticity and curiosity into every training session. He lovingly challenged each student to stretch to be the very best version of themself that they could be. I have no doubt that Mitchel’s guidance helped me see the strength I needed to harness to become the strong and empowered teacher and yoga studio owner I am today"

Mandy R. —
Owner, Form {yoga}

Meet Your Guide



I started yoga in 1995 when I was 18, at a time when yoga was not popular, especially for eighteen-year-old boys. After finishing my first shavasana, and my puddle of sweat finally absorbed, I felt like I had just found home. Yoga was the first thing that made sense in my life. I wasted no time. I got my first book on yoga and memorized every pose, their Sanskrit names, and even their meanings. I took my first teacher training and started teaching at 19. I went on to mentor with some of the most preeminent American yoga pioneers and Indian teachers, as well as, studying SouthAsian religions and Sanskrit at the University of Rochester. I began teaching International workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings in 2000.

Teaching yoga has been my only “job” as an adult. My entire adult life has been shaped by yoga: the practice, the community, the conversations, and the business. I have owned and created yoga studios, a yoga magazine, a yoga video production company, and an online corporate wellness program. Through these two plus decades, I have never stopped learning. I consider everything, my successes to my failures as my greatest teachers. My family, wife, and kids teach me about yoga as the relationship with the world. I am beyond grateful for my journey and the people.

Teaching teachers has always been my gift. I consider it my calling to share and give anything I have learned, and together innovate on what yoga will be. I have trained 1000’s of teachers all over the world who have gone on to have successful lives as yoga teachers, studio owners, retreat and workshop presenters, and teacher trainers.


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