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A five-day writing practice for the

body, mind, and heart.

Amidst the home school and the meal prep and failed attempt at live stream exercise --

I find five minutes to write.


Amidst the anxiety, the stress,

the utter hopelessness that has ebbed and flowed
I have had this writing group to turn to for refuge. 

Their words have been a necessary comfort.
Each one reminds me we can make contact despite the distance.

Prompts inspired by Poems.
Meditations that change how you Meditate.

Connection when we need it most.

Each day you wake up to a curated, heart-picked poem from Tracy. Some words, a prompt. A short, but mind-blowing audio file from Mitchel, each one a new micro skill of meditation to gain.

5 minutes. 5 days. You write. You post in our private Facebook page (posting optional). You read the beauty others are creating. You cry. Laugh. Smile. Scream. You respond if you want. You are remembered there is a genius in all of us.

Is this group right for me? 

This is perfect if you have been skittish but curious to write.
And perfect if you are looking to write and connect just for the love of it.


  • A supportive and safe confidential community to share and be inspired

  • Feedback that makes you feel like a big YES

  • Daily guided audio meditations by Mitchel Bleier

  • Personalized letters in your inbox with the “prompt” and practice of the day

  • A specially curated collection of poems and short readings

And little surprise gems along the way to help you take pleasure in the creative process.



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