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 Yoga in The House

with Mitchel & Tracy

Welcome to Yoga in the House, our online expression of yoga classes anywhere and anytime you want.

We believe yoga is much more than a physical exercise. While we value a good old sweat and ways to strengthen and stabilize our physical bodies, our classes devote time to be moved in so many ways. Our classes are rhythmic, soulful curations that will speak to your whole being, and through suggestive clear cuing which will pique your curiosity and elevate your attention, the practice is designed to address your whole system to be healthy. Our classes include any combination of:

  • yoga poses

  • guided meditation

  • accessible breath work

  • fluid movement

  • poetry

  • Writing

  • mini dharma talks on life, love, culture and art

  • Mythic storytelling

  • and more...

Yoga in the House is a monthly or yearly paid membership that gives you access to:

  • A fresh, inspired weekly LiveStream class by either Mitchel or Tracy. 

  • Unlimited access to our on-demand library of yoga classes. 

  • A monthly Dharma Talk In The House gathering via Zoom. (Great time to connect to community and ask some soul-filled questions.)

  • 10% discount on all Yoga Teacher's Lab offerings (including @Home Yoga School)

Join Now

Monthly Membership - $20 (billed monthly)

Yearly Membership - $180 (3 months free!) 

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